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20 Outstanding Dissertation Titles In Psychiatric Nursing

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❶Assessing variation in personal health service delivery and workplace smoking ban enforcement by local health departments.

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Some physical health dissertation topics can be

Potential biobehavioral mediators of the relationship between predisposing factors and health outcomes in women. Evaluating novel interventions to improve health: Web-based diabetes management and state-level minimum wage policy. Addressing the spectrum of unhealthy alcohol use in health services: Implementing and informing development of effective methods of intervention.

Health behavior change in employee populations. Critical access hospital legislation: Impact on rural hospitals and rural residents. Culture and cancer prevention among a population of Vietnamese Americans.

Diet and exercise - Behavioral management of hypertension and diabetes. Depression and comorbid PTSD in veterans: Does changing work organization through telecommuting affect individual health? A focus on stress and health behavior.

Sexual and HIV risk behavior and development, implementation, and evaluation of a highly active antiretriovral therapy adherence intervention. Health related quality of life: A comparison of indices derived from health status questionnaires. The questions asked are: This 10 page report discusses the fact that oral health is an essential component of overall physical health and well-being but that a remarkably small number of low-income families and individuals receive minimum, much less adequate, oral health care and treatment.

Bibliography lists 12 sources. A 5 page research paper that investigates literature and online resources to offer a general overview of public health resources, the history of public health and the difference between public health and community health. Bibliography lists 6 sources. An 11 page research paper that answers various questions about public health topics and how they are addressed in research.

Topics covered included the meaning of integrated literature review; how topics are addressed by researchers; and the nature of survey research. Bibliography lists 9 sources. This 6 page paper provides an overview of a presentation on public health.

This paper specifically looks at the Healthy People goals and the development of a public health program. This paper includes three pages of speaker notes and PowerPoint slides.

Bibliography lists 5 sources. The writer first selects a leadership model that resonates most with the writer's own values and why they resonate, it discusses a public health leader, one of the two speakers of the video on leadership viewed, a description of the leadership model that leader seems to follow, how effective that is in public health, and criteria for determining effectiveness.

Childhood obesity is one of the most pressing public health problems in the United States. Prevalence rates of overweight and obese children have tripled over the past three decades. This essay reports the results of different studies about this topic, trends, incidence, gaps, including a longitudinal study.

A 3 page research paper that examines the topic of social networking within the context of public health practice. A 12 page research paper that focuses on HIV infection among African American adolescents as a public health threat. In exploring the ramifications of this public health issue, this examination explores HIV transmission using the epidemiologic triad model. This 10 page report discusses the fact that public health services are essential components of healthcare delivery for millions of Americans.

However, in Pontiac, Michigan, African Americans have not received many of the health services they need. A 4 page paper which discusses such topics of health promotion in adolescents such as drug and alcohol abuse and safe sex, along with and the importance of such promotion in terms of public health. An 8 page paper answering 5 public health nursing questions. Topics include Lillian Wald; the concept of health for all; Healthy People ; data collection; the Community as Partner model; and population pyramids.

Specific questions are included as an appendix. Bibliography lists 7 sources. This 20 page paper outlines a dissertation based on the hypothesis that the regulation of radio and television is not serving the greater public good and is unnecessary restriction of free speech based on a public interest standard.

This paper also outlines the primary reasoning behind FCC regulations and the distinction made between freedom of speech claims and the arguments that exist for this type of regulation.

Bibliography lists 11 sources. This 3 page paper provides an overview of a proposed program to enhance nutrition and support diabetes reduction. This is a plan for a public health program that meets specific goals related to the Health People strategies for improving health. Self-referral for Advanced Imaging in Urolithiasis: Neuroimaging Young School-Age Children: Determining the effects of participation in organized physical activity as a youth on a variety of short as well as long-term patient and societal-oriented outcome measures Andrew Gregory, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery.

Health literacy defined as the degree to which patients can obtain, process and understand basic health information and services they need to make appropriate health decisions Sunil Kripalani, MD, MSc, General Internal Medicine and Public Health. Effects of organ allocation strategies in liver transplantation C. Effects of wound classification on the incidence of abdominal wall incisional hernias Mike Holzman, MD, General Surgery.

Master of Public Health. Beto Arriola Vigo, M. Juanita Prieto Garcia, M. Mary Allyson Lowry, M. Thomas Spain, Jr, M.

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Aug 24,  · Health Dissertation Topics. A great selection of free health dissertation topics and ideas to help you write the perfect dissertation.

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A List Of Effective Dissertation Topics In Health Education. Dissertations become successful based on their topics. Crafting a topic could require you to get online help so you can find an effect topic about health education.

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Jun 25,  · Introduction to Health and Social Care Dissertation A Health and Social Care study is aimed at providing a multidisciplinary course towards an academic qualification in the health and social care area which is grounded on social sciences. An 11 page research paper that answers various questions about public health topics and how they are addressed in research. Topics covered included the meaning of integrated literature review; how topics are addressed by researchers; and the nature of survey research.

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Examples of public health dissertation topics for undergraduate and masters students. Get help in public health dissertation at affordable prices. Theses/Dissertations from PDF. An Assessment of Retractions as a Measure of Scientific Misconduct and Impact on Public Health Risks, Alison J. Abritis. PDF. Sound Attenuation Performance of Fiber-reinforced Polymer Composite Circumaural Hearing Protection Devices, Steven Christopher Augustine. PDF.