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❶While a student, she saw a NASA ad asking for qualified students to become astronauts.


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Whether your biography is on a historical figure, a sports celebrity, or a current politician, our team of expert writers will perform the in-depth research needed to provide you with an informative and entertaining biography. From the well-known movie star to the obscure artist, we will provide you with a paper that fits your style and length specifications. Our services are not forbidden by any institution, university or college administration.

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Contact Us Social Responsibility Our writers. Biography Writing Help Every student will write a biography at some point in their academic career. Concise and well-organized biographies written to your specifications. As I consider a quick informal poll of the kinds of people who have biographies written about them, it seems that the majority of the people in the biography section of the public library are famous for one reason or another.

When you consider writing as a business, the reason is clear. Who is going to buy a biography of someone no one has ever heard of? Or, a better question Or, a better question might be, how much money is the story of a [specific famous] person's life worth? But this doesn't mean all biographies are written about "famous" people.

In fact, any story that spans a person's life, written about by an outside author, is considered a biography. Think about the number of published author's who have dedicated books to family members, friends, even pets. In a way, Marley and Me John Grogan could be considered the biography of the author's dog. And I loved that book. In this way, my personal opinion is that biographies can be written about anyone.

I by no means believe they should only be limited to famous people. The true test of success for any story is ultimately its entertainment value. Well written, interesting, or otherwise generally entertaining stories will likely be successful, no matter who they are about.

Consider, on the flip side, the sheer number of celebrities who have joined the bandwagon of composing their own autobiographies , likely through the help of a ghost writer. I have flipped through several of these on bookstore clearance tables and wondered how in the world such books came to be published. In this way, the fame or finances of the person allowed them to have a self-featuring book.

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Homework Help; Cite. How to Write a Biography. A biography is simply the story of a life. Biographies can be just a few sentences long, or they can fill an entire book—or two. Very short biographies tell the basic facts of someone's life and importance.

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Biography Writing Help. Every student will write a biography at some point in their academic career. You may need to provide a short professional autobiography for a business class or for blog writing in communications course. If you need homework help on Biographies let us find a suitable writer and assign him to write your paper.

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Homework Help. Books, websites and library resources. Overview; Animals; Biographies; California Indians and Missions; Science and Math; States and Countries; Biographies. Books about amazing people! Biography in Context. Weblinks. Great Biography Websites for Kids - recommended by librarians. A narrative that records the actions and recreates the personality of an individual is called a biography (from a Greek term meaning “life-writing”). An individual who writes the story of his or her own life is creating an autobiography, meaning self-biography.