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Essay on Loneliness: Possible Types

Types of Loneliness

❶There may be different points of view on loneliness, and due to selection of a certain approach, the style of writing and content will differ. One cause of our feeling of loneliness is rooted in our culture.

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Reasons for Loneliness
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Jealousy led to sadness, because after a period of time, I felt pathetic and was ashamed of envying other people. Therefore, I tried to hide from loneliness, not realizing that I was only getting pulled into the dark and isolated world of loneliness. Loneliness made me lose my confidence, because I found it harder to approach people and introduce myself, or even talk to people that I already knew.

I lost confidence because I was scared that people would think that I was a sore loser and feel pity for me. Sadness lead to a loss in confidence, because the sadder I got, the more I would cry and lose self esteem. This made it even worse for me, and my confidence was on a down hill roll.

The more you try to run away from loneliness, the more you get absorbed by it. Loneliness comes like rain. It can be stormy or mild, but eventually it fades away, leaving you with sunshine of friends that wipe out darkness. You can order a custom research paper, term paper, thesis, dissertation or essay on loneliness from professional custom paper writing service which provides high-quality custom written papers.

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Don't have an account? Sign up for one. Wrong email address or password! Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews. I like this 0. Emotions of Cancer Patients. This article has 1 comment. As a response to missing, the human mind starts reacting in a negative way, and the impression of discomfort develops. What is more, the loss of beloved ones can be a grief for a person so the solitude becomes even more difficult to handle.

There are certain significant events which are rather stressful for a person, and the stress may result in such reaction as the feeling of isolation. Typically, those events are expecting a baby, getting married, retirement, changing a workplace, etc.

This might sound weird as usually we do not consider those events as unhappy ones. However, the point is that they make significant changes in our usual lifestyles that cause discomfort for our minds or bodies, which, in its turn, result in stress. One of the stress exposes is loneliness. Types of Loneliness There are 6 most common types of loneliness. Here is the classification: When the person is a part of a group, he or she ordinary feels comfortable.

But when one is excluded from or is rejected by the group, the feeling of loneliness appears.

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LONELINESS The dark intense feeling of loneliness is an element of life that is inevitable to all people on a global level. To me it is like a parasite, is a virus eating away at the soul. ‘Of Mice and Men’, by Steinbeck exemplifies the loneliness of life on a Californian Ranch.

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You can order a custom research paper, term paper, thesis, dissertation or essay on loneliness from professional custom paper writing service which provides high-quality custom written papers. avg. rating (85% score) - 7 votes.

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Essay about Loneliness Type of paper: Essays Subject: Psychology Words: Although we live in the XXI century and it seems like millions of people are around, we can suddenly become stricken with a sharp pain of loneliness. - Loneliness in Children and Adolescents Definition and the Extent of Loneliness Loneliness is a common human emotion involving an individual’s awareness of a deficit in personal relationships (Asher & Paquette , as cited by Dunn, Dunn, & Bayduza, ) combined with distress resulting from feelings of social isolation (Hawkley & Cacioppo.

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Loneliness is the feeling that even the friendliest and open people experience from time to time. It is definitely not the best feeling, so you can review the issue and look for its solutions in essays on loneliness. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now!