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Marketing Petroleum Products In Nigeria – Associated Problems


❶Example, a decision on product quality will affect the decision on the pricing of the product.

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Marketing Research: Nature and scope of Marketing Research! Nature and Scope of Marketing Research, Marketing Research as an aid to Marketing decision making, Research Designs, Exploratory Descriptive and Conclusive Marketing Research is defined as the systematic design, collection, analysis and.

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The nature of the research dictates the methodology which then impacts on the scope of marketing research. For example, some marketing researches will require the application of a research methodology that is long term and complex.

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NATURE & SCOPE OF MARKETING RESEARCH Date: 23 / 01 / Presented by: Sagar Anand Roll No Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with . Characteristics of a good marketing research: Use of more scientific methods Cost and benefits Use of the Statistical method Alternative course of action. Scope of marketing research The scope of marketing research could cover the business problems relating to the followings. Types of consumers that compromise present and potential markets.

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Marketing Research is systematic problem analysis, model building and fact finding for the purpose of important decision making and control in the marketing of goods and services. Marketing Research is a well-planned, systematic process which implies that it needs planning at all the stages. Marketing Research: The marketing research is helpful in analyzing the customer’s behavior, popularity of product, effectiveness of advertising, pricing policy, etc. In other words, it is the systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing .